The Spirit of Hangdog – Documentary Release

How good it feels to finally be releasing this documentary to the world! A dream conceived four years ago after falling in love with Hangdog, a small climbing camp in Takaka next to the Paynes Ford crag in the South island of New Zealand.

Camilla and myself (Chris) were lucky enough to live there again two years ago in true dirtbag fashion, which gave us the opportunity to finally film the beautiful little climbing community that exists there. However the last two years of travels since then in Australia were so full and unpredictable for Double Vision Documentaries. What with dramas such as all our gear getting stolen in Melbourne (some of you might remember our crowdfunding campaign), to having to go through six months of farm work just to stay here a second year, to one of us getting engaged and moving to Tasmania (which is incredible but does make things a little more complicated not being in the same place), it’s safe to say that there was simply no room for documentary editing!

Finally after two years, and having found some much needed routine and stability, I was able to put some valuable time and energy into this dream of making the Hangdog documentary a reality. I was also very lucky to have been able to hold the Premiere of “The Spirit of Hangdog” last week during a short trip back to New Zealand and Hangdog camp. What a special opportunity that was! As a solid group of us gathered around a projector in the middle of the camp just as it got dark, I felt the weight of this project lift of my shoulders, and a strong feeling of gratitude towards myself and everyone involved. How wonderful it was to get so much positive feedback and comments, only fueling my passion for documentary film making even more! Unfortunately Camilla was not present this time round as at the last minute could no longer fly over for the trip (due to some unfortunate complications). However she was definitely there in spirit!

The main goal of this documentary is to represent the true spirit of hangdog and it’s thriving and very special climbing community. Representing this community in various ways has been the main drive of Double Vision Documentaries from day one, and I hope we have done it justice.

Any feedback and impressions are much appreciated of course! Please share if you feel like it’s relevant 🙂

I hope you all enjoy watching it!


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