We’ve entered the BMC Women In Adventure film competition, again!


Some of you who have been following us since we started our journey travelling accross the globe over a year ago might remember us entering this competition last year with our first documentary, Climbing Up The Family Tree. Well it’s a year later and we have entered it again, because why not!? And it just so happened that we had the perfect entry for it, with our short feel good documentary: Climb Like a Girl.

The Film

“Climb Like a Girl is a short documentary made in the popular climbing crag in New Zealand, Paynes Ford, Takaka. It is a documentary featuring six female climbers on a spontaneous adventure set out to climb one of the most classic grade 18 climbs of the whole area: Temples of Stone. This climb is not only a classic because it contains some beautiful moves but also because it has become the “must do naked” climb of the crag. A tradition developed in the Hangdog climbers campsite. This is a feel good film which highlights the strong sense of bonding that often occurs between female climbers.

A film by Christiane Howe & Camilla Howe”

If you haven’t already seen the video, you’re in for a treat! Mainly because it features what we like to call “tasteful nudity” 😉

The Competition

BMC Women in Adventure Comp 2018


The Competition is part of the Women in Adventure category, run by the BMC (British Mountaineering Council), and as the name suggests, is all about getting more adventurous women behind and in front of the camera. Which just so happens to align perfectly with our goals as female adventure filmmakers.

BMC TV have published all 30 entries on their Youtube Channel (as well as their BMC TV website). The winners will be announced at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF) (9-11 March), at a special Women in Adventure event (date / time tbc). The judge’s top 4 films and the winner of the ‘most watched’ category will be announced at the Llanberis Mountain Film Festival (LLAMFF) (2-4 March).

Check out the other 29 films and find out more in this article!

Documentary Links


If you like what you see please share and support our films! You never know, maybe we’ll have a chance of winning… 🙂 Thank you!

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