“Life Beta” Crowdfunding Campaign 

We have a dream to film and represent the climbing community around the world through our eyes, as fellow climbers. This is a beautiful yet slightly under-represented community. We have been filming climbers and the climbing lifestyle everywhere we go, with our main aim being to represent the heart and passion of this community. 

Our dream suddenly come to an abrupt standstill at the beginning of June when, whilst passing through Melbourne for a couple of days, the van of our good friend Alex was stolen. This is the van we had been travelling in with Alex as we started a road trip heading North from Arapiles (a popular climbing area West of Melbourne). The plan was to keep climbing and filming along the way. For us, it contained 90% of our belongings: our clothes, camping and climbing gear, and all of Camilla’s professional camera and filming gear. Everything we need to continue our two main passions, climbing and filming, has gone. Which is why we need your help.

This is why we decided to do a crowdfunding campaign: so we could get back on our feet, start filming and climbing again, and most importantly pursuing our dream. 


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